If you are looking to grow your business through marketing, but do not have the expertise or knowledge it might be time to hire marketing help. It is okay to get help to grow your business.

It is becoming harder and harder for your company to find new customers. Let’s face it business is hard enough. From social media, inbound marketing, search engine optimization, website design, and even traditional marketing tactics it is becoming harder and harder to create a holistic marketing strategy. You know that marketing is important to your company’s success, but do you know if hiring marketing help is the right decision for your business? Lucky for you, we have put together 15 reasons your business needs marketing help to grow.

Your Results Do Not Match Your Effort

Does this sound familiar? You and your team have been blogging for business and creating content, but you are still waiting for the phone to ring. The effort you are putting into your inbound marketing does not match the results that you are seeing. Well, a marketing agency knows how to generate leads and create campaigns to drive leads and sales.

A Marketing Agency Is A Team, Not An Individual

When you hire an employee you are only getting one person. When you hire a marketing agency or marketing help you are getting a complete marketing team. For example, most marketing campaigns take a combination of strategy, creative (graphics and imagery), content, and web development. Most employees are good at one or the other. An agency has a team of creatives and experienced marketing managers to get the job done.

Cut Out The Overhead

Typically, marketing has a budget for execution. This budget also includes items like headcount, supplies, and other overhead expenses like benefits and office space. Your marketing help is going to save you on these costs. You are not paying the benefits for the agency employees. In most cases, you will get better performance at a lower overall price by hiring marketing help.

Master Your Data

marketing help is the master of marketing data

Data is the key to successful marketing. Knowing the right key performance indicators (KPI’s) will help your business invest in activities that are going to grow your company. Your marketing agency should be all about the data. The data will drive planning, strategy, and execution of your marketing campaigns. Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.

Expert In Marketing Tools

The marketing world continues to change day after day. There are new marketing platforms being introduced daily. From tools to monitor social media, marketing automation software, and tracking software who has the time to learn all these systems? Well, your marketing agency should be an expert in these marketing tools, taking the stress of learning another tool off your plate.

Really Smart Marketers

As your company is growing you are going to want to expand your staff, including your marketing team. However, you also want to grab the best talent on the market. Well, I hate to break it to you, but marketing agencies have the best talent. Think about it. The owner of the agency did not get an education and 10 years experience in engineering or accounting. They are marketers, it is their passion, it is why they get up in the morning. That sounds like an expert you want on your team.

Get External Eyes On Your Business

Two sets of eyes are better than one set of eyes. Even if your marketing help is only there to help with the marketing strategy and execution, they still know a thing or two about business. Your account manager might even be one of your customers. Your marketing agency can give you that outside look into your business. Sometimes this really helps because you are too close to your projects and deadlines.

Your Business Becomes More Efficient

If you are like many growing businesses, marketing is not your strong suit. This should not halt or slow down the growth of your business. Marketing help will let you get back to what you do best, running your business. This will let you focus on your strong suit and let you become more efficient throughout the day.

No Training Required

marketing help requires no training

I was talking to an HR representative and one of their biggest pain points was the fact that a new hire needs training. Lots of training. Training is a sunk costs and time invested. Yes, your marketing agency needs to learn about your company, your brand, and what you sell. However, they do not need to learn how to use new marketing systems. Your marketing help will be ready to rock and roll from day one, setting up better marketing campaigns for your company.

Marketing Agencies Are Scalable

What happens when you need to hire your next employee to aid in marketing? Well, you are in the same position as before. You need to find the right employee, train the employee, and pay the marketer a decent salary. Your marketing agency already has this baked in their company. Adding additional resources to your account is easy, even if it is just for a campaign or two. Your agency will be able to scale with your business.

Know The Latest Marketing Trends

Do you have the time to keep up with all the latest news and trends in marketing? The marketing environment changes daily. From new social media platforms to new ways of engaging with your customers, the marketing environment continues to evolve. A marketing agency must stay up to date with the latest marketing trends in order to stay relevant.

Marketing Help Prove ROI

The biggest problem with marketing is the lack of measurement. Many companies are marketing without measuring a return on investment. Your marketing help will be able to tell what campaigns are working and what tactics you need to cut. Furthermore, your marketing help should use closed-loop analytics to measure actual ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Passion For Your Business

passion for your business

Your marketing help should not take new clients unless they feel the same way about your business as we feel about their business. The passion for your business should show through your marketing tactics. Your agency will have more passion for your business than just another employee because your marketing agency is a strategic partner.

Marketing Agencies Have Strategic Partnerships

This might be one of the best items a marketing help will bring to the table. Strategic partnerships are other agencies that do not compete directly with their agency, but aid in other marketing tactics. This is great when your company needs to rebrand, develop a new app, or get print material set up for delivery. Marketing agencies build relationships with other marketing agencies and these relationships can benefit you and your company.


Your company may need to pivot from time to time. Maybe your company needs to invest more in inbound marketing versus just social media marketing. Your marketing help should have the right person on staff to get this done for you. Your marketing help has the resources and knowledge to stay flexible and help you grow your business the right way.

Final Thoughts…

Does your business need a marketing help? I think the better question is, why does your business not have a marketing help. We all know how important marketing is becoming and how often the marketing environment is changing. In order to drive the results you and your business are looking for, it might be time to look into hiring a marketing help that will drive the results you are looking for.

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