Grow your Business Through Social Media for $679/mo.

We understand that your time is valuable. We also understand that social media is a great way to grow your business. Let us handle your social media marketing, so you can get back to running your business.

Over 50 million businesses use Facebook Business Pages to grow.  The symple_start is exactly what your business needs to get started with social media marketing. Unlike other social media marketing tools and services we find new contacts, follow up with contacts, re-target lost contacts and drive traffic to your website.

Daily Publishing

Unlike other social media programs, we automatically reshare your Facebook and Twitter posts that drive results. We post to your account multiple times per day with the content that drive results.

Social Advertising

Driving business growth through organic social media posting takes time to build. We know that your business does not have 6 months to see traction. Social advertising helps drive results faster.


Generating new likes to your Facebook does not generate revenue for business. We install a multi-campaign approach to get new likes, retarget lost contacts, and drive new traffic to your website.

Contact Nurturing

Just because a contact lands on your website does not mean they are going to become a custoemr. Conversion can take up to 16 impressions , we install contact nurturing to increase conversions rates.

Grow your business for $22 per day

Attract Visitors to Your Website

Your website is only as powerful as the traffic it generates. The more traffic your website can generate, the more opportunities you have to create new leads.

Social Media Publishing

Social media publishing will establish a base for new website traffic. By posting daily to Facebook and Twitter your company will increase brand exposure and drive visitors to your website. Brand exposure will give your company a new channel to find customers.

Social Media Advertising ($225/month included for advertising)

Facebook has also given the ability to target the right customers for your business. By creating a multi-campaign process including ways to generate new likes to your Facebook page and driving traffic to your website, Facebook advertising will help find new customers.

Attract customer to your website
convert website traffic to leads

Turn Visitors to Leads

Website traffic is great, leads are even better. The more website traffic, the opportunity to generate leads. Creating landing pages with forms will turn your visitors to leads and increase the amount of contacts in your CRM. As your database grows, so does your revenue.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are specific website pages that are designed to turn visitors to leads. These website pages are the first part of the conversion process.


Forms are created to gather information on potential leads. Once a form is filled out the website visitor can officially be considered a lead.

Convert Leads to Customers

Just because you have a lead does not mean they are ready to make a purchase. The most important part of marketing is following up with your leads. Studies show that it can take up to 16 impressions to convert a lead to a customer. Creating lead nurturing campaigns will help convert more leads to customers.

Marketing Automation (software included)

Marketing automation will nurture your leads through the buyers journey through email marketing, delivering the right message at the right time. Marketing automation helps your business follow up with more leads than doing it alone.

Social Media Re-targeting

Facebook re-targeting is Facebook ad that is displayed to a potential lead after they have visited your website. This marketing tactic stretched your marketing budget by displaying ads to interested customers that are aware of your brand.

convert leads to customers

Get started with social media marketing for $679/mo.

Starting finding new customers through social media marketing.